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Quality is a word that’s overused these days – because too often, it applies to products, but not the ethics or ideas behind them.

Lucido Media Group makes it its mission to offer only finely-produced, ethical, honest, and enriching arts, entertainment, and instructional products to our audience, serving the people, families, and communities that place their trust in us.

10-Session Video Bible Study Curriculum
Are you saved? Are you sure? This comprehensive ten-session teaching curriculum helps provide the information you need to answer that question with confidence. Throughout this extensive video course, Sebastian explores the Bible’s teachings surrounding the complex subject of salvation – what it is, how to get it, how to keep it, and how to be sure of it. DVD purchasers receive a box set including the ten video sessions and a printed copy of the 104-page workbook and curriculum guide. Your download package includes the same ten videos as the DVDs plus a PDF copy of the workbook/curriculum guide to help you understand what the Bible really says about this critical topic.


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12-Session Video Bible Study Curriculum
A twelve-session DVD Curriculum that breaks down End Time Events and their effects on the world. This easy to understand teaching series explores: What Jesus said about End Time Events, The Rapture, The Tribulation, The Mark of the Beast, The Rise of the Antichrist, The False Church, The Judgment of the Church and The Judgment of Unbelievers, Christ’s Return, Current Events and Prophecy. A comprehensive workbook / study guide helps you to gain deeper understanding of the Bible’s true teachings on end times, and how to be prepared, alert, and ready in the last days.


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