Better Media. For a Better World.

Today’s media environment offers consumers with more choices than ever before. Movies, TV programs, games, music and apps exist to suit almost every taste, age group, and area of interest. Still, it seems that some audiences are being left behind.

Who? Families seeking wholesome and healthy entertainment. Communities of faith wanting honest, fair-minded materials aligned with their ideals. And individuals looking for something more than sensationalism, salaciousness, or unabashed commercialism.

The communities others overlook are the ones we exist to serve. Lucido Media Group strives to create, distribute and support the very best in family-oriented informational, entertainment, and educational materials across all media, providing a wholesome alternative to standard commercial fare. We work with leading instructors, producers and media firms to deliver outstanding information and entertainment products that audiences love – and that families can count on.

Company Leadership

For more than 25 years, speaker, teacher, Bible scholar and businessman Sebastian Lucido has worked to build knowledge and awareness of the Bible and its principles among both committed Christians and the public at large. He has presented a weekly Bible study, spoken throughout the USA and Europe, and created teaching materials, radio programs, articles and other materials designed to make Biblical knowledge and teachings as broadly accessible as possible. A successful businessman, Mr. Lucido has worked primarily in the financial arena, serving as a securities investment advisor and state investment advisor with an emphasis on institutional investment, fund management, investment strategy and fund development, Sebastian has worked with a broad array of investment advisory firms, serving as a registered representative for a range of leading companies. In this capacity, he has held over $2 billion under his direct management. Most recently, Mr. Lucido has focused upon development of alternative investment strategies and a range of specialized business interests, including AB Films Management, LLC and Enterra Security.

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