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Don’t Get This Wrong

What You Really Need To Know About The End Times

End Time prophecy is a major part of the Bible’s teaching – yet too many Christians know little about it, or worse yet, have the wrong information. There’s too much at stake to let misinformation or lack of information guide the direction of our churches, our families or our lives. Watchers of Truth’s Don’t Get This Wrong cuts through the clutter of flawed teaching, misunderstanding, and deception to provide a sound, Biblically-grounded understanding of what the end times really are – and what Christians really need to know.

Are You Sure?

Peter. Judas. Salvation or Damnation.

What does it mean to be saved – and what do you have to do to be saved? There are no more critical questions facing Christians today. Unfortunately, far too many people don’t understand what salvation really is, how it is attained, what it takes to keep it – and the all-too-common, all-too-human errors that can place it out of your grasp for all eternity. Watchers of Truth’s Are You Sure? tackles the complex question of salvation head on, drawing directly from the Bible to inspire and challenge today’s Christians – and present biblical concepts of salvation in ways that they’ve never heard before.

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